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Milli Men ChapStick

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Hydrates the lips leaves them smooth & nice! 


We get it, glosses have a bad rep with giving you that sticky-icky feeling - but picture this, you're walking from the limo to the club, the wind hits you, and your hair does not stick to your lips! Our boss babe made this #1 priority; to offer you only the best gloss, without the stick, and white residue left behind by other brands.

Why Our Gloss?

Lavish Stick Lip is a homemade, organic lip gloss made with the highest quality ingredients. Our glosses will moisturize and plump your lips from the inside out, while exfoliating the upon application. Leaving your lips with a cooling effect, glass-like effect, you'll be wearing this gloss for every occasion!

  • Caminshion Cosmetics is owned, and operated by a Boss Babe women entrepreneur - who loves sharing her tips and tricks to getting luscious lips! Our Organic, Homemade Stick Lips will plump your lips like never before!

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